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Stars to promote Yemen at the London 2012 Olympic Games

– Four Yemeni Olympians and their towns are the protagonists in this new campaign –

The London 2012 Olympic Games are going to be considered the first Social Media Olympics. In fact, the 2012 Olympic machinery is ready to produce the most successful Olympic Games in history, expecting to surpass the 4,4 billion viewers of Beijing 2008.

Olympic Games are very attractive and draw attention to small nations because of the abundant media attention surrounding this event. They have the ability to diversify the opinions of spectators and unify the world on a sporting stage. Not only do the games themselves and sporting events generate much attention but the smallest details are covered by media including the athletes’ profiles, the Olympic committees of each country and the different cultures and traditions of the attending nations.

Based on this framework, Yemen Tourism Board has started a social media campaign to promote charming Yemen, where the four Yemeni Olympians competing at London 2012 are going to be the main stars and the best ambassadors of the ancient country as well as their respective towns. Ali and Fatima lend some insight into their thoughts before the games.

Ali, perhaps Yemen’s best medal prospect in Judo, said: “I am looking forward to competing in London, another great city with four World Heritage Sites. But the whole of my home town of Sana’a is World Heritage Site with thousand year old mud-brick tower houses. It will be a pleasure to compare!”

Fatima Sulaiman -born in Taiz- will compete in Athletics (Women’s 100m): “I am looking forward to competing in the Olympics. Whilst Taiz is perhaps more like the Highlands of Scotland and we have better coffee nearby in the original Mocha, it will be great to be in London and show the world a different side of Yemen.” Fatima said.

Benjamin Carey, MD at Dunira Strategy and the campaign leader feels that “the Olympics and tourism are totally connected. Emerging countries like Yemen has to make the best of this opportunity showing their beauty to the World through the Olympians. They are not Usain Bolt but are already considered champions in their respective countries.”

Let us support Yemeni athletes in their pursuit of Olympic medals and support Yemeni Tourism in its attempt to be the trophy for the nation.

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