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  1. Frederic Farid ,فريد ⋅

    Sport should be encouraged for the Yemeni youth’s future in action and spirit. We strongly support you & through you, we support our beloved Yemen. I’m proud of u as u should be proud of yourselves

  2. Frederic Farid ⋅

    we support you! nous vous soutenons!

  3. Faisal Alabdi ⋅

    We all sport the Yemenis Olympic team and we are proud of them

  4. Ameera ⋅

    Wish you all the best Yemen. very very nice .

  5. ameera ⋅

    wish you all the best Yemen

  6. Hanna Q ⋅

    YEMENIES IN THE UK CHEER YOU ON TEAM YEMEN!!! We’re sooooo proud of you and best of luck!!!!

  7. Fellow citizens! Despite the trauma of unexpected events in our dear country I honestly believed that you will put all your efforts to do us proud and bring us fame and recognition in the ongoing events at the Olympics more grease to your elbows and perform excellently to achieve dreams. Indeed our prayers and support is with you. Wish you All the best and stay blessed in the name of Allah. LONG LIVE YEMEN.

  8. Kelly ⋅

    Gooo Yemen!!! Atlanta, Georgia, USA is cheering for you!!!

  9. I am really grateful for such a great job in introducing the Yemeni athletes. their towns and their country…

    My deepest gratitude and thanks….

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